Christmas Pictures

…just again, as promised, some pictures of the Christmasmarket at Edinburgh! Enjoy 😉 (and klick on the icon to open the gallery!)


Beautiful Days

Days are getting more and more busy, but there are more and more nice things going on as well…

First, there are no more lectures and seminars for this year.

But nevertheless I have to write 3 essays, take pictures, edit a short film… Plenty of stuff to do, but I think it’s also because I’m just not used to working with my brain anymore – 3 years of working had their effect on my concentration! And complaining feels so good 😉 …as well as shooting a short film again – I missed being on set, especially as the other students are so motivated, the actors are very good and it’s a creative surrounding. It’s weird how films and filming became such a huge part of my life without me even noticing it. It was a slow process, but now I realized that I could not give everything up what I’ve been doing for the last years; it is too much fun and positively stressful. Soon you’ll be able to see the results…

More positive things: Joyce and me went to Edinburgh today. First we went to a Vintage Sale where you had to pay the clothes per kilo. Unfortunately we didn’t find anything, but it was really crowded. So many people, all dressed up in “vintage-style” with dead animals on their heads… But the best thing was lunch: my Brie-Cranberry Sandwich doesn’t sound extraordinary, but then, surprise, surprise: it was with real bread! Real bread like we have at home, it was delicious! Then we went shopping until it was dark, because next thing on our agenda was the Christmas market. Sun goes down at 5.51, therefore we didn’t have to wait too long. It was an extremely stormy day, but the Christmas market itself was beautiful. There was a fair, an ice-rink (like in the movies 🙂 ) and plenty of food and hats to buy. There were so many lights and it would have been awesome to see it from up in the air, but as it was so stormy we didn’t dare to go on the big Wheel.

And then, the best thing ever: The German Christmas Market, my personal paradise. They even sold the same stuff as in Germany (candles…), but the best thing was the food: not only the cross-culture Lebkuchenherzen / Gingerbreadhearts saying “my wee monster”, but REAL German sausages, Landjäger, Pfefferbeisser, Kassler, Schupfnudeln, Bratkartoffeln, Apfelstrudel, Kässpätzle, Glühwein… basically everything an allgäuer girl in Edinburgh desires . But the funniest thing was the shop who actually really sold Schogetten (chocolate you can buy really cheaply at Lidl) and cookies from EDEKA (another German supermarket…).  So we first couldn’t decide what to eat, but then I got my Leberkässemmel,  f**ing expensive, 4 pounds, but yeah, I had to have it. Even the people working there were Germans. We decided to work their next year as well (if they give us a job) – maybe they need some more English-speaking Germans. Hopefully! So if I’m homesick, I’ll just go to the Christmas market, though it is really expensive. And next time I’ll take my camera and take some proper pictures….

As we were on our way home, we just decided to go to the cinema where we saw the new film with Michelle Williams and this guy who has the cutest freckles ever, Eddie Redmayne (Pillars of the Earth): “My week with Marilyn”. I really loved the film, maybe as well because it was about cinema in the 1950s… First, I wasn’t sure whether I liked William’s Marilyn, but throughout the film she managed to “convince” me, and by now I think she did a wonderful job by portraying her in that way. Unfortunately, there is no date when it’s going to be released in Germany.

Ohhh, and more positive things: There was this Dance-aThon hosted by QMU’s Dance Society. I just went there because Joyce wanted me to come. But again it proved to be true that when expecting the least, you mostly have a really nice time. By surviving several games and dancing (Dance-athon / Mar-athon!), we could win a night out worth 300Pounds. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but there was the raffle as well. I have to say that I never win anything. Never ever – apart from the cheapest and worst stuff liken pens. But then I bought a ticket and Joyce gave one to me as well. First I won with my ticket, and then Joyce had to pick a winner. And tadadadaaaaaaaaa, it was the number she gave to me before – we won a voucher for a restaurant in Edinburgh, awesome! We once again ended up in the best Falafel bar of Edinburgh (ok, haven’t been to that many so far, but it’s a really nice place). So if you ever come to Edinburgh, go there: . Random facts: one of the guys even is an actor and we get 10% student discount.

Plenty of stuff to tell you guys out there. Sorry if it was a little bit random… But to sum it up: I miss Leberkässemmel, the weather is changing every day, but mostly it’s a mixture of storm, rain and sun, German Christmas market in Edinburgh is wonderful and time flies – only 18 days till I’m home again!!!

(That’s what the wheater is like. That’s the highest the sun gets up on the sky, it’s raining, windy and sunny at the same time. Within the last 3 days I saw 4 rainbows 🙂 And btw. that’s the view from my window…. )

Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh

some impressions of a beautiful autumn day! klick on the thumbnails to open the gallery.


Austere Beauty

Scotland is unlike any other place I’ve ever seen or been to. Maybe it’s because I’ve never travelled so far north, maybe it’s just because Scotland is unique. It is like one of those women that are beautiful though they don’t match the ideal of beauty. Something is special about them, they are fascinating and you can’t keep your eyes off them.

Edinburgh itself is beautiful. The medieval skyscrapers are breathtaking and it is amazing how you can step in one of those closes and suddenly you’re cut off the life in the streets, standing in the middle of a small square surrounded by hundreds of years old houses reaching to the sky. How many stories those walls can tell!

Hotel Balmoral / Princes Street

And if you hop on a bus going to the Highlands a peaceful silence takes over. The mist covers everything and the bright colors of autumn are damped by the fog. You can’t tell where the fog ends and the clouds begin. The night comes early in the afternoon, most of the plants are withered. It seems to be a hostile world: cold, damp, silent, dead. No sound can be heard apart from your own breathing, no bird singing, no wood cracking. The roads are deserted. Suddenly you feel small and civilization seems far far away. Priorities change, it’s easy to leave all problems behind and just be there, in the middle of nowhere and feel that you’re alive, alone and on your own.

Loch Lomond

If you’re not made for the mountains, just hop on a train to the sea. There are beautiful beaches, high cliffs, waves and storm. The sound of the sea covers everything and as well, there you might be alone. There’s so much space in this country!

The coast of North Berwick

How lucky am I that I am living here and can go wherever and whenever I want? And if the darkness gets too bad I can still go home… Thanks life!!!

Here are some more pictures (and the newest short film projects are at the end of the blog, so just scroll down!)…

Calton Hill

North Berwick

North Berwick again – with Puffins!



Lovely place to spend an afternoon

The coast of North Berwick

Loch Lomond again

long shadows at 3pm

Beautiful Highlandcows & sheep

Loch Lomond – the last time 😉

And here’s the “Behind the Scenes” of the “Left Behind” video shoot:

…and the short film we had to do for uni – but be warned, it’s crappy quality 😉 and as I somehow can’t embed it, you have to click here.