J(ch)ulia and the Movies

Ha, only the third film in this Blog but it’s already slightly embarrassing (we were the ‘oldest’ at the cinema….)

What to expect of a movie whose main advertising slogan is “Zac Efron just got hotter” ?

Well, lot’s of Zac Efron – sexy, half-naked in a Taylor-Lautner-Style, close up of his blue blue eyes…. You’ll get all of that, mostly bathed in the golden light of a setting or rising sun.

The film is the adaption of a novel by Nicholas Sparks, so throughout the whole film the direction where the film is heading is kinda clear. Spark’s novels mostly follow a similar narrative (The Notebook, The Last Song, Dear John) – though one twist in the plot / solution to an obstacle was surprising. Look out for the drama!

Otherwise, it’s obvious what is going to happen next.

Logan is a Marine, he’s in Afghanistan and when he…

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