Supermoon at Edinburgh

Some weeks ago, in May, there was this super moon rising over Edinburgh. I did not know about it (we had a picknick on Calton Hill and it was freezing…) but then we saw it and it was so beautiful. I tried to take some pictures, but the moon seems to be smaller and a egg – weird camera 😀 (if you click on the pictures you can have a look at them on full screen – they look better then).

Calton Hill and Arthur’s Seat – a mystical place

North Bridge at day or night?



…and another job…

…I’m home again. I’ve been home for quite a while now – more than a month but as I’ve started working immediately I never had enough time to blog something. So here we go with some glimpses of my new job. This time I ended up as an assistant in a gardening center. I’m outside all day which is quite nice when it’s sunny but not so nice if there’s a hailstorm….

4 hailstorms a day was the worst so far 😀

beautiful geranium – a must-have on bavarian balconies!

this begonia also seems to be a “must-have” on bavarian graves: snails don’t eat them, they’re not too big and – well, nice to look at?  I don’t like them at all – I had to sort them by colour (white (green or red leaves), red (green or red leaves), pink, dark pink, pink/white). So if I should pass away soon and I need a grave: PLEASE DO NOT PLANT BEGONIA ON IT!!!!

last, BUT probably least: hunting spiders and spiderwebs with a scythe-like thing. (I hate spiders).

However, I quite like this job: folks are nice, I have plants around me all day and while watering them I have plenty of time to think about new ideas for scripts – perfect!