Heading North, Day 1

English version below…

Heute vor zwei Wochen bin ich angekommen. Und mittlerweile war ich schon wieder auf einem kleinen Roadtrip. Bei der Orientation hatte ich Christina und Michi kennengelernt, schnell stellte sich raus das wir alle vielleicht gern mal ein Auto mieten würden und gen Norden fahren würden. Das haben wir dann auch gemacht uns sind losgefahren, letzten Donnerstag. Wie ich das liebe einfach ins blaue zu fahren, nicht zu wissen wo man anhält, einfach stoppen wo es schön ist. Vielleicht hatten da die Hausbooturlaube und Fahrradtoururlaube mit der Familie früher doch einen gewissen Einfluss… Jedenfalls, an Tag eins fuhren wir bis Pukenui. Nur wollten wir abseits der großen Straße fahren was uns über schöne Küstenstraßen führte, die zum Teil nur Schotterpisten waren und extremst kurvig. Sowas bin ich auch noch nicht wirklich gefahren, da ist selbst das Allgäuer Hinterland sanft hügelig dagegen. Aber ja, so ging es also ständig hoch runter, links, rechts, Kurve, recht langsam meistens… immer wieder boten sich spektakuläre Aussichten, schöne Buchten – irgendwann sind wir einfach weitergefahren, hätten wir an jedem schönen Platz angehalten wären wir niemals angekommen. Auch so waren wir so langsam dass wir dem Hostel Bescheid geben mussten dass wir später kommen… Abends, das Hostel war ein Haus in dem wir einfach ein Zimmer hatten – und der Sternenhimmel war der Wahnsinn, man konnte sogar die Milchstraße sehen. Nur auf meine Sternschnuppe, da muss ich noch warten. (Fotos nachm Englischen Teil)

I’ve been here for two weeks, and by now I went on my first roadtrip. I met Michi and Christina at International Orientation and it turned out that all of us pretty much wanted to rent a car at some point and head north. As we had a couple of days off before Uni started we got the car and drove, up north. We tried to avoid the main road, which led us over beautiful coastal roads but also up and down gravel roads which were very very windy. At some points it was worse than driving on Skye… The views though were worth all the driving . And then there were all the white beaches, at some point we just gave up on stopping at every beach or view that looked nice – we would have never arrived at our Hostel in Pukenui.  Even so, we arrived a lot later than we had planned…Anyways, it was dark and you could see so many stars! No shooting stars though, I’ll have to wait a bit longer for them…until the next roadtrip.



I just tried to write down month per month what I did in 2012. There is so much – it’s amazing (and it’s a kinda embarrasing egocentric “I” list…)

We shot some nice short films, did a photo shooting and received our first award in London.

I worked in a Gardening Centre, as a Assistant Stage Manager for a theatre show, as a telephone interviewer and as a student ambassador.

I travelled around Scotland in January and all around Germany visiting all my “old” friends in a beautiful 13-day trip.

I finally went to Hamburg.

My beautiful nephew was born.

So many friends visited me.

Over summer, I finally spent more time with my family and friends from home. By now, I don’t get lost in Augsburg anymore. Jeha.

I moved to Edinburgh, no more living on Campus for me. I love my new flat. It’s old, unique and so close to the city centre.

I finally managed to see the Lord of the Rings trilogy in cinema.

I went to see the Hobbit. I didn’t like it that much and I am not that disappointed. What’s wrong with me?

I wrote essays about Hitchcock, Lord of the Rings, Brokeback Mountain and the Ice Storm. I love studying “Film and Media”.

I went to 10 different cinemas this year. Cinemas are such a lovely way of discovering cities. Small cinemas in hidden alleys, huge multiplexes on the outskirts of cities…. Watching Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” in a 1960s cinema in Hamburg was probably the best experience.

I joined the Drama Society and the German Society of Edinburgh University where there are a lot of people who don’t even speak German.

I met so many lovely new friends where I did not expect to – like in the German Brauhaus in Edinburgh.

I went to a directing workshop in August and was walking around imagining to be a wet cloth.

I went to an inspiring lecture by Mark Cousins.

I celebrated Thanksgiving for the very first time, so much yummy food at Joyce’s place.

So many things happened, I can’t remember them all. It was such an amazing year. Again. why I am so blessed to meet so many nice people and gain so many experiences I would have never expected to.

And like the years before I did not manage to stay as much in touch with my friends from Germany as I wanted to. I don’t know why it just never works out and it makes me sad because I know it’s often me who doesn’t write back. Maybe a New Year’s resolution, trying to write / call you more?

Anyways, 2012 is over. It was awesome and I can’t wait for 2013. So many uncertainties again: what am I going to do over the summer? Am I going to study abroad? Maybe next year I’ll be writing this blog from New Zealand, Australia, USA or Canada. The more my friends are setteling down, the more I like the uncertainties of my life.

And last but not least, the song momentarily stuck in my head is please stay by Billy Boyd’s band Beecake. I can absolutely recommend their music. If you’re into singer-songwriter stuff.

Thank you all for reading, commenting and so on. I love getting feedback and there is more to come in 2013.

HAPPY NEW YEAR you lovely human beings 😉

Pictures ( IV ) Edinburgh, my love

Edinburgh at Night – this is the view when you get out of the Vue Omni Centre Cinema. One night (one of the last nights at Edi), we went to the cinema to watch “The Lucky One” (haha…) and outside, at half past 10 it was still not completely dark, the first signs of the long days (polar days).


then we went for a Cocktail and I realized that this was the first real Cocktail I drank in Scotland 😀 ( I always prefer Cider…)

Portobello’s Seaside


and that’s it with pictures from my first year in Scotland. Nothing more till September when I’ll return… 🙂

Pictures ( III ) Beltane

Beltane is a celtic fertility festival which celebrates the beginning of summer. It’s a fire festival and it takes place on the 30th of April. It’s on Calton Hill and organised by the Beltane Fire Society. The Festival was impressive. There were so many volunteers involved to celebrate this special day. It took place on Calton Hill another one of my favourite spots in Edinburgh.

I was just stunned by the atmosphere, the people… Have a look at the pictures, I can’t describe it with words. By clicking on them, they open in a new window.

The Earth Group

White Warriors

The May Queen

Fire Festival

The May Queen going through fire

White Warriors

The May Queen

Calton Hill

Pictures ( II ) Stirling

Stirling is a nice little city at the bottom of the Highlands. I like the soft hills/mountains in the background that rise behind Stirling. Best thing about the city is Stirling Castle, which is much more interesting than Edinburgh castle – and as it is not that famous, there are less tourists (and it’s cheaper as well!!). If you have to choose: skip Edinburgh Castle and go to Stirling Castle instead.

Wallace Monument

somehow I love this picture. Dunno why.

That’s the cemetery next to Stirling Castle.