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Photography is one of the things I enjoy most when travelling (you might have noticed by now^^). Capturing unique memories of beautiful places to share them over this blog or facebook is great, but…maybe I can make more of it!

I’ve just started to use The great thing about is that an editor decides which photographs are uploaded to their website. And that’s when you come in: You can buy these selected photographs and decide for yourself what kind of print you want to have! Whether on canvas, traditional print, wallpaper…they do it all!

The following pictures are available in the shop, have a look, and don’t hesistate to buy something (and make an amateurphotographer somewhere in Scotland very, very proud and happy 😉 ).

Here’s the link to all my pictures in Kroepfli’s FineArtPrint-Shop! (Their website is in German, but there’s also an English version).


To the Borders

When thinking of Scotland, the Highlands are the first things that spring to mind. Still, there’s more to Scotland than mountains and rugged landscapes. The Borders are a beautiful landscape of rolling hills, cathedrals and castles. Together with a very dear friend who was visiting me we went on a weekend – road trip down south, straight to the border. Unfortunately it was raining for most of the time… but on the first day we went to a beautiful botanic garden near Peebles and visited the magnificent Melrose Abbey. On the next day we first went to Hermitage Castle in the middle of nowhere. An impressing castle which, from the outside, doesn’t look like a ruin at all. We were the only visitors (Sunday morning…) and it was very cloudy so the atmosphere was rather special. On we drove to Jedburgh to see Jedburgh Abbey, another beautiful cathedral. Next we went to the Holy Island. Or rather near the Holy Island. The Island can only be reached via a small road that can only be passed during low tide. If it’s high tide, the road is flooded and the Holy Island once again is an island. We arrived 10 minutes before it started to be unsafe to pass. Fail. The weather got even worse and we started heading north again, past beautiful coastal towns and cliffs home to Edinburgh.

Although it was raining most of the time it still was a wonderful trip and the Borders are definitely worth a visit. One of the most beautiful things were the daffodils that were growing in never ending lines along the side of the streets.

And another bargain: Historic Scotland offers the Borders Pass (, for students it was 12 Pounds. The good thing is that it doesn’t expire and it covers most of the historic sites in the borders.

Here are the pictures I took. Click on them and a gallery opens…


Beltane 2013

Like last year, Beltane was an amazing experience just before the exams and before we all went home for summer.

And if you click on the thumbnails they open in a gallery.

A bit of shameless plugging….if you want to purchase any of the pictures as prints just contact me…I need to make money for a new camera 😀


and a very nice time lapse video of the whole evening:

Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh

some impressions of a beautiful autumn day! klick on the thumbnails to open the gallery.


Austere Beauty

Scotland is unlike any other place I’ve ever seen or been to. Maybe it’s because I’ve never travelled so far north, maybe it’s just because Scotland is unique. It is like one of those women that are beautiful though they don’t match the ideal of beauty. Something is special about them, they are fascinating and you can’t keep your eyes off them.

Edinburgh itself is beautiful. The medieval skyscrapers are breathtaking and it is amazing how you can step in one of those closes and suddenly you’re cut off the life in the streets, standing in the middle of a small square surrounded by hundreds of years old houses reaching to the sky. How many stories those walls can tell!

Hotel Balmoral / Princes Street

And if you hop on a bus going to the Highlands a peaceful silence takes over. The mist covers everything and the bright colors of autumn are damped by the fog. You can’t tell where the fog ends and the clouds begin. The night comes early in the afternoon, most of the plants are withered. It seems to be a hostile world: cold, damp, silent, dead. No sound can be heard apart from your own breathing, no bird singing, no wood cracking. The roads are deserted. Suddenly you feel small and civilization seems far far away. Priorities change, it’s easy to leave all problems behind and just be there, in the middle of nowhere and feel that you’re alive, alone and on your own.

Loch Lomond

If you’re not made for the mountains, just hop on a train to the sea. There are beautiful beaches, high cliffs, waves and storm. The sound of the sea covers everything and as well, there you might be alone. There’s so much space in this country!

The coast of North Berwick

How lucky am I that I am living here and can go wherever and whenever I want? And if the darkness gets too bad I can still go home… Thanks life!!!

Here are some more pictures (and the newest short film projects are at the end of the blog, so just scroll down!)…

Calton Hill

North Berwick

North Berwick again – with Puffins!



Lovely place to spend an afternoon

The coast of North Berwick

Loch Lomond again

long shadows at 3pm

Beautiful Highlandcows & sheep

Loch Lomond – the last time 😉

And here’s the “Behind the Scenes” of the “Left Behind” video shoot:

…and the short film we had to do for uni – but be warned, it’s crappy quality 😉 and as I somehow can’t embed it, you have to click here.