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Do you like the pictures? Then please read on 🙂 (English version beow)

Gefallen Dir die Fotos? Dann lies doch weiter 🙂

…mal wieder bisschen Eigenwerbung…mittlerweile gibts meine Fotos nicht nur in einem, nein, jetzt sogar auch in zwei Onlineshops! Solltet Ihr also mal Lust dazu bekommen ein Foto zu kaufen – vielleicht dann auch mal eins von mir? Es muss ja nicht gleich eine Wandtapete sein, mein neuer Shop bei Artflakes druckt auch Grußkarten und andere Kleinigkeiten. Es würde mich freuen wenn Ihr vorbeischaut 🙂

Hier die Links, bei Fineartprint:

und bei Artflakes:

poster und Kunstdrucke kaufen


so…by now I am selling my pictures in two online shops! If you don’t want to buy a wallpaper straight away, my new artflakes shop could be just the right thing for you, they print greeting cards, posters – and they post it all over the world!

here are the links, artflakes:

poster und Kunstdrucke kaufen

and fineartprint (if you want to go for the wallpaper…):


Thank you guys :-*


Wild West Edinburgh

Welcome to the Wild West!

Welcome to the Wild West!

What I love most about Edinburgh are all those secrets and myths that sometimes not even the people who live her know. When I first came to Edinburgh I read those rumours about a Western City somewhere in Morningside. Opinions were varying from “Yes, it still exists” to “It existed but it has been demolished years ago.” Seems I had to see it for myself…

On a sunny day in July Joyce and I wandered off from the city centre to Morningside. Somewhere next to Morningside Library the Western City is supposed to be hidden in a side street. It took us about 45 minutes to walk there but the closer we got, the more excited we were. And then, in Springvalley Gardens there is an archway…and behind it: the Western City! It’s incredible! Including a Jail, swingdoors, signs…There is so much attention to detail that it feels as if you’ve been beamed straight into Old Shatterhand’s world.

“It was built in 1995/6 by Michael Faulkner as part of the ambience of the sales area for a furniture business, which specialised in Southwestern style.  There were a number of let units in ‘El Paso’ too, occupied by ceramists and other artists. The project took six months and by great stroke of good luck, one of the employees, and his very talented girlfriend, had worked on the construction of Euro Disney – hence the authentic paint effects and signage. Source: Edinburgh Spotlight”

I can not recommend it highly enough, if you’re looking for something to do and you want to escape the tourists, go there! It’s so much fun (and free)! You can either walk there as we did (I’ve included at map with the pictures) or take the Buses number 5, 11, 15, 16 or 23 and get off opposite Morningside Library (tell the driver!).

And if you walk past the Chocolate Tree (it’s a café), stop there as well. Their cakes and lemonade are delicious …

Click on the pictures to open them in a bigger gallery!

Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh

some impressions of a beautiful autumn day! klick on the thumbnails to open the gallery.


Austere Beauty

Scotland is unlike any other place I’ve ever seen or been to. Maybe it’s because I’ve never travelled so far north, maybe it’s just because Scotland is unique. It is like one of those women that are beautiful though they don’t match the ideal of beauty. Something is special about them, they are fascinating and you can’t keep your eyes off them.

Edinburgh itself is beautiful. The medieval skyscrapers are breathtaking and it is amazing how you can step in one of those closes and suddenly you’re cut off the life in the streets, standing in the middle of a small square surrounded by hundreds of years old houses reaching to the sky. How many stories those walls can tell!

Hotel Balmoral / Princes Street

And if you hop on a bus going to the Highlands a peaceful silence takes over. The mist covers everything and the bright colors of autumn are damped by the fog. You can’t tell where the fog ends and the clouds begin. The night comes early in the afternoon, most of the plants are withered. It seems to be a hostile world: cold, damp, silent, dead. No sound can be heard apart from your own breathing, no bird singing, no wood cracking. The roads are deserted. Suddenly you feel small and civilization seems far far away. Priorities change, it’s easy to leave all problems behind and just be there, in the middle of nowhere and feel that you’re alive, alone and on your own.

Loch Lomond

If you’re not made for the mountains, just hop on a train to the sea. There are beautiful beaches, high cliffs, waves and storm. The sound of the sea covers everything and as well, there you might be alone. There’s so much space in this country!

The coast of North Berwick

How lucky am I that I am living here and can go wherever and whenever I want? And if the darkness gets too bad I can still go home… Thanks life!!!

Here are some more pictures (and the newest short film projects are at the end of the blog, so just scroll down!)…

Calton Hill

North Berwick

North Berwick again – with Puffins!



Lovely place to spend an afternoon

The coast of North Berwick

Loch Lomond again

long shadows at 3pm

Beautiful Highlandcows & sheep

Loch Lomond – the last time 😉

And here’s the “Behind the Scenes” of the “Left Behind” video shoot:

…and the short film we had to do for uni – but be warned, it’s crappy quality 😉 and as I somehow can’t embed it, you have to click here.