Garden Life

It’s busy out there, in a garden!

hairy fellow!


Pictures ( IV ) Edinburgh, my love

Edinburgh at Night – this is the view when you get out of the Vue Omni Centre Cinema. One night (one of the last nights at Edi), we went to the cinema to watch “The Lucky One” (haha…) and outside, at half past 10 it was still not completely dark, the first signs of the long days (polar days).


then we went for a Cocktail and I realized that this was the first real Cocktail I drank in Scotland 😀 ( I always prefer Cider…)

Portobello’s Seaside


and that’s it with pictures from my first year in Scotland. Nothing more till September when I’ll return… 🙂

Pictures ( III ) Beltane

Beltane is a celtic fertility festival which celebrates the beginning of summer. It’s a fire festival and it takes place on the 30th of April. It’s on Calton Hill and organised by the Beltane Fire Society. The Festival was impressive. There were so many volunteers involved to celebrate this special day. It took place on Calton Hill another one of my favourite spots in Edinburgh.

I was just stunned by the atmosphere, the people… Have a look at the pictures, I can’t describe it with words. By clicking on them, they open in a new window.

The Earth Group

White Warriors

The May Queen

Fire Festival

The May Queen going through fire

White Warriors

The May Queen

Calton Hill

Pictures ( II ) Stirling

Stirling is a nice little city at the bottom of the Highlands. I like the soft hills/mountains in the background that rise behind Stirling. Best thing about the city is Stirling Castle, which is much more interesting than Edinburgh castle – and as it is not that famous, there are less tourists (and it’s cheaper as well!!). If you have to choose: skip Edinburgh Castle and go to Stirling Castle instead.

Wallace Monument

somehow I love this picture. Dunno why.

That’s the cemetery next to Stirling Castle.